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Interior photography is my main profession. I operate not only in Warsaw but also in Krakow, Wrocław or sunny Andalusia, because I am happy to do successful sessions wherever they are needed. I have taken photos for hotels, real estate agencies, furniture manufacturers, interior designers and TV programs. My photographs also appear in the interior design press.


To be perfectly honest with you, I must admit - I didn't choose interior photography myself. Good fortune directed me onto this career path. I started working as an interior photographer a few years ago at a creative agency. Whilst there, I was responsible for photo documentation on the set of a television program about design and the renovation of interiors. A set of that kind has its own rules - time is short and requirements are very high. Dozens of photo sessions documenting the metamorphosis of flats and commercial premises gave me a solid basis to spread my wings in this area of photography. They also gave me certainty that interior photography is where I want to develop my professional skills.


I really value the fact that individual branches of my passion can effectively intertwine. During an interior session, be it documental or stylized, I draw a lot from my individual photography. I believe it is important to convey the real state of the environment as well as to stay creative and have an open mind. The only difference between my commercial and individual work is that in my own, long-term projects I listen to my characters; whereas taking interior photos I listen to my clients. I always base on that, which so far works flawlessly.


In response to your needs, I sometimes focus on specific, altered aspects of the photographed place. It can be the functionality of the room or the atmosphere created in it, the overall design or individual details. I work differently for an architect who wants to present a project in his portfolio, a premium kitchen manufacture or a real estate agency. However, regardless of the purpose of the photos, they all have to combine what you are really ordering from me – my professional education, experience and skills in photographing and processing photos, acquired over many years, as well as the ability to listen to your needs. Every project begins and ends with our mutual communication, and your satisfaction is the final outcome of our cooperation.


Feel free to contact me! Being aware of your precious time, you can count on a quick response from me!

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